Friday, January 2, 2015

Quick Reflection for 2014 and Quick Resolution for 2015...


My favorite experience of 2014 was our staycation with our friends to celebrate Morgan’s Birthday and Memorial Day weekend!  It was such a fun weekend of family and friends!  Made memories for a lifetime!

My biggest accomplishment was all the cooking I did this year!  I’ve always been so terrible and scared of cooking.  When I did cook it was very easy recipes with minimal skill needed.  This year I’ve learned more recipes and even took a couple classes to help me out.   I pushed myself more because I wanted to cook for my family.   I think that I’m finally getting the hang of cooking.

My favorite place to visit was South Korea!  We only went on one vacation this year out of the country and it was Seoul, South Korea.  We had an awesome time!  I was actually a little skeptical because it had never been one of those places I cared for seeing, but Morgan kept saying I would love it.  And he was absolutely right!  We had a great time, I would go again!

The best meal is……. sushi!  I love sushi so much that I took a class in how to make it.  Since being here I’ve branched out more and tried different and exotic kinds!  I am always in the mood for sushi 365 24/7

If I have a free day, I like to relax with the family!  Nothing beats a day of hangin in our jammies , snacking, curling up on the couch and watching movies.

My favorite book, I feel terrible, but I don’t think I finished a book at all this year.  I did read lots of cook books though! lol

My favorite movie this year would have to be Lone Survivor.  I’m actually not sure when it came out, but I know I saw it in 2014.  It was so good and very sad. 

One way I’d like to grow in 2015 is in my faith.  I haven’t been religious in a very long time.  I think that’s why I feel empty sometimes.  I’m going to make it a point to get more in touch with my faith.


I want to continue to strive to be a better mom!

I want to try to learn more about cooking and baking!

I want to stop being impatient.

I’d like to visit the Philippines, Tokyo, and Osaka.

My goals for this year are to be a super mom/wife, eat better, drink more water, pay off debt, read more, and get out more.


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