Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodbye 2011...Hello 2012

Welp 2011 is long gone.  I was not successful with this blog.  However 2012, I resolve to write more and keep it up to date.  It’s such a shame that I don’t, we do and see so many fun things out here.  So with that, another year another chance.   But before I embark on to the future, I’m going to reminisce a little on how good 2011 was to us!2011 was good year.  Lots of things happened.  We tried new things, saw new places and met new people.

 One of the biggest things to come out of 2011 is that I’m pregnant!  Morgan and I have been talking for awhile on when the right time was to start adding to our family.  Finally in September we decided we were going to start trying.  Its’ actually kind of crazy how fast it all happened.  I got off birth control on September 12th and literally by the next week I was pregnant!  I didn’t know it yet, I just went on with life.  I was told by my doc that my cycle would be a lil screwy from coming off the birth control and to give it a couple months to go back to normal.  I few weeks after I got off bc I had a feeling I was pregnant.   And the test came back positive, a woman just knows her body!  We were over the moon!  From then on I just keep dreaming of our little family of four.  We don’t know what the sex is for our baby yet, but we are going to found out in the coming weeks.  I’m due in June, so we will have 2 summer babies!
Another life changing event is that I got back into the working force.  I go back and forth weather or not I’m cut out to be a stay at home mom or not.  There were really good days Amelia and I had, I miss all the time we got to spend together.  There were also not so great days where I wanted to tear my hair out and I missed adult conversations!  I currently work full time and Amelia is full time at daycare.  She has been able to learn a lot and for the most part I think she is happy being there.  Her daycare is another issue I have to deal with and we are probably going to move her. 
Amelia turned 2 in 2011.  Let me tell ya, a 2 year old is a whole different kind of kid.  She has been talking up a storm and repeating everything we say.  We have to really watch what we say in front of her because she does not hesitate to repeat it. She is very active and funny.  She loves to dance and sing songs.  Whenever we can we try to get her to dance and sing in front of the camera, she gets camera shy a lot though.  She sleeps in a toddler bed now.  With the new baby on the way we thought it would be the perfect time to transition her into a toddler bed. She is growing up so fast it’s really hard to believe, it seems like only yesterday we took her home from the hospital. 
A lot has really happened in 2011.  Morgan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. Morgan turned 28.  We had lots of family outings all over Okinawa.  Went back to the states for a few months.  Morgan went to Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hawaii, and DC.  Morgan’s sister had a baby.  We FINALLY sold our house after a year and a half!  I’m just ready for the great things and adventures that 2012 will bring.  I’m so EXCITED


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