Saturday, September 15, 2012


On Friday night we had the B fam over for dinner. Regular Friday, except Morgan wasn't playing basketball because he hurt his knee pretty bad the last time he played. {He claims that he is retiring from playing, haha yeah right}. The B fam came over a lil early and I wasn't done cooking dinner. I was finishing up on the rest of the fish fillets. So I was fully occupied cooking and Morgan was watching the kids {he was really just playing video games}. Then all of a sudden right when I'm done cooking and I'm getting everything on serving dishes Mills comes up to me with a pair of scissors, a handful of hair, and no bangs!!!!! OMG... She cut off her bangs! She knew she messed up because I immediately started panicking and checking if she hurt herself and if she cut more. Then I ran to her room to find more hair! Oh no, more hair she doesn't have more to give! But the hair wasn't hers, it was Lana's!!!! She cut her friend's hair too!!! Luckily Len was able to laugh about it, but I was mortified! I felt so bad! Mother of the year! Ugh it's totally mine and Morgan's fault it happened. At this point all I could do was laugh about it and take pictures. My poor Mills looked ridiculous with only half of her bangs. Hahaha. I ended up posting the pic on FB and I got an overload of comments from other friends whose girls did the same thing at Mills' age! Phew, I wasn't that terrible of a mom! Haha. For now I decided not to cut all her bangs to be even and I just comb them over. I also try to encourage wearing a hat but she isn't giving in. Oh well, it's hair it will grow back :(
Her Bangs on the floor :(
She was so proud of her haircut she actually posed!


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