Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okinawa Zoo

Had a short hiatus from updating.  Morgan took some time off work and we spent our days hanging out and doing activities with the kids.  I got lazy and didn’t do any updates while he was on leave, but I had so much to write about since we were doing stuff about every other day!

On to the Zoo...
The weather has been really excellent lately so we decided to spend the day at the zoo and kids museum.  I love going to the zoo.  I grew up in San Diego, and going to the zoo was a big deal.  It’s not called The World Famous San Diego Zoo for nothing!!  I mean they breed pandas there like it’s nobody’s business.  To see everything at the San Diego zoo would probably take 2 days, 3 if you have small children.  But not all zoos are created equal.   The zoo in Oki is pretty small.  To see it all would only take about a few hours.  It’s a nice short day trip, totally doable by myself if Morgan were gone on deployment.  A lot of the animal cages are small.  I know Amelia has a great time because you can get super close to the animals since their living enclosures are small.   The only bad thing was that we went in the middle of the day and most of the animals were sleeping.  It was kind of funny because Amelia kept yelling at them to wake up.  She had a great time.  Nolan slept for the most part.  It was a great afternoon.  


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