Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day {Late}

Awe Love day!  In our house it’s a regular day but with a lil extra sugar on it. Haha.  Prior to having kids Morgan and I would just go out to dinner.  We weren’t really big on giving each other extravagant gifts.  I would always get a card, flowers, and a gift.  I have a love hate relationship with flowers.  They aren’t really on the top of my list of gifts, but they are nice to get and I do buy them occasionally to have around the house.  I do love cards though!  Morgan always has the sweetest and most thoughtful things to say.  I keep all my cards.  This year we spent Valentine’s day as a family.  Amelia and I woke up to gifts from Morgan!  He surprised us, I thought we were going to wait until he got home from work to exchange gifts.  It was really nice to wake up to that surprise and Mills was so excited.   It's so sweet that Morgan gets Mills lil gifts.  When I was growing up my dad would get my sister and I flowers for Valentine's day, every year.  It was really the sweetest thing.  Every girl should get something on this day of love from the man in her life.   Later that night {much much much later, Morgan got home at almost 8 pm, I fed the kids earlier and they were ready for bed by the time he got home} we had a steak dinner, complete with potatoes {We’ve cut out our carbs so the potatoes were a treat}, chocolate and wine.   It was a nice day filled with love. 

Mills' V-Day Outfit

Mills's bag on the Left and My bag and wine on the right

My gift

My treats


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