Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy FIRST Birthday Nolan!!

Nolan’s FIRST  Birthday!

What a momentous occasion! I honestly can’t believe how fast that year went.  My baby isn’t so much a baby anymore.

We moved to an actual HOUSE! {more on that later} So we had Nolan’s first Birthday party at hour new house.  We’ve never been able to have  a party at any of the places we lived because it was always too small.  I’m so happy to finally be in a house that we can have parties at....LOVE IT!

Anyways we had our Oki fam over and it was great.   I was so happy we didn’t have to lug all our food and décor to some hall or park.  It is such a burden.  Having a party at the house was so much easier and less stress, if I forgot something luckily I was at my house! Haha The party was real simple.  Good food + good company= good party.  We had a great time.  We had a Toy Story theme party.  Nolan had a blast, especially during cake time.  


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