Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Day of School

First Day of School!

First day of school, first day of school!!!  A mother’s favorite holiday, after mother’s day and her Birthday.  Lol  I know I’m a lil late.  We were on vacation in the states for September and the first week of October so we started late this year.  Better late than never. Right?!  This year we tried out a new school.  Since we moved, I wanted a school closer and offered longer hours.

Last night I was on Pinterest {my vice when I can’t sleep} and I looked up pins for first day of school. Holy mother, there are a ton of traditions people have for the first day of school.  As I was reading all the pins I instantly felt like a terrible mom. L   The first day of school was in a matter of hours and I didn’t have anything prepared but a picture idea.   But I pinned lots of ideas and I will definitely be prepared for next year. {Think positive}

This morning I got her outfit ready and made pancakes for breakfast.  I took pictures of her leaving .  Played her favorite song on the way to school.  And as soon as we got to her class Amelia starts balling her eyes out.  Of course Nolan was going nuts at the same time pulling things off the shelves of the classroom.  It was hectic!  I had this all planned in my head she was going to be smiley and take pictures at her desk and with her teacher and it was going to magical.  Not so much.  I actually had to rush out because I didn’t want her crying more.  I’ve learned that when I leave her places the more I prolong the goodbye the worse she acts.  So I got not pics of her in her classroom or at the school.  Maybe next year...

Some of the first day of school traditions I liked:
1) Special breakfast: Have a super special breakfast and incorporate apples to the menu
2) Picture:  {I did this one} Take a picture of your child leaving for school holding up a sign with the date.  Next year I will ask her what she wants to be when she grows up and put it on the sign.
3) Lunch Note:  Amelia can’t read yet, but I want to add a special note to her lunch box.

4) Questionnaire:  Have a set of questions to ask your child every year.  Make a cute book out of it and give it to them their senior year of high school.


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