Friday, February 28, 2014

Yippee for New Freinds!!

Confession time, I am terrible at meeting new people.  I suffer from a condition called permanent b!tch face.  My condition is acute and almost always hits when I'm meeting new people.  I think because I get nervous and I don't know what to talk about.  All my life people have been telling me about my face.  Even when I'm happy the face can strike.  I've been told numerous times to smile.  But, I think when I smile it looks fake!  Anyways, Hecuase of this "condition" I have trouble with first impressions, but if you get past that hump I'm actually a pretty awesome person. Lol {Not to toot my own horn but *toot toot*} I'm thankful for the friends that make it past the first impression, because if they didn't I would be one lonely person.  

Back to the lecture at hand, new friends.   It's always been hard for me.  I grew up in the same neighborhood and I had most of the same friends from elementary on up.  It wasn't until Morgan and I got married and we started moving around the country , I had to make new friends.   Most of my friends I acquired through Morgan.  His co-workers wives or girlfriends.  But I wanted friends that I could call mine, not through any association.  So everywhere we moved I got a job and made friends.  Some till this day are lifelong friends, even considered family.  Other then Morgan and work I didn't make friends out of those circles because of my terrible first impressions.  Until now.  

Facebook and Instagram helped me find me new friends. Hahah We were in a foodies group on FB actually, and then we started following each other on IG.  We chatted and commented on each others pics for a few weeks then one of the gals brought up a suggestion to meet up.  I was a lil nervous cuz of my condition.  We have been chatting for a little bit and getting along, so it helped me to feel more comfortable wih them.  But really... who does this?  Haha I mean,meeting complete strangers and it's not a date. Well it felt like a blind date of sorts. We had stuff in common, and we were available so why not?  To be honest, I don't know if I would do this in the states.  Being in Okinawa and the military community I felt safe about it.   So, we set the date, a dimsum lunch and coffee before. 

I couldn't belive how well we got along. The whole time we were laughing and talking.  It was a good time.  It did kinda feel like a date since we were all getting to know each other, but it was fun.  I'm so glad I did it.  I think in the past I wouldn't have gone through with the meet up.  I'm happy I met two new friends and we can share our adventures in Oki.  Now we can't stop planning our future "dates".   You just never know where your going to meet new friends :)




:: we actually didn't get dimsum.  We went to Laguna Hotel, but they don't offer dimsum on thr weekdays.  This day they had an Italian buffet, still yummy.  I'm still craving dimsum tho lol ::


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