Monday, March 31, 2014

Buying a car overseas....

To me buying a car has always been a headache.  I'm not really a car person.  I mean, I want a nice car but don't like the process of getting it. At least in the states when buying a car there is some perks, free lunch, free coffee, free mug, free pens, free service.... ect.  they wine and dine you.  Granted you are buying a car for thousands of dollars.  Well, buying here is a total 360.

Some background, when we first got to Oki we had a TERRIBLE sponsor {a sponsor is someone assigned to your family that has been at the duty station for sometime and helps you get started with everything}.  He told us it was best to buy from a dealer and not to buy from the lemon lot {the lot where military people park their cars they are wanting to sell usually due to PCS}.  So we split the difference and bought one from the lemon lot and one from a dealer.  Most of the cars from the lemon lot range from $500 to $3000.  Most cars from a dealer range from $3000 to $7000.  So we moved across the world and immediately had to drop $6000 on two cars.  As of now only one is standing.

Fast forward to present time.  We are in the market for 2 cars.  Since moving here we've had 4 different cars.  The only one we have from when we got here is the one we bought from the dealer.  We haven't been happy with any of the cars we've had.  There has always been an issue.  So with us being here another 3 years, we wanted to just go and get cars that we were happy in.  Before, when we would get a car my mind set was to just get through with this car till we PCS.  Now,  since we live farther and we have more time on island I want something that I love and works for my family.  So off we go buying two new cars.  Ugh.

This past week we've been busy looking at cars.  Dealerships and lemon lot. Car, after car........ after car.  We did have some bad luck yesterday, thought we struck a deal with someone and he totally F'd us.   Luckily we found another car and the seller was awesome.  We made a deal we were all happy with and walked away feeling good about it, not even thinking about the other car.   When all is said and done, I'm super with the new car we got.  Its perfect for our needs.   Its even a cute yellow color.  hahaha reminds me of an Easter Egg.



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