Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday America

4th of July Recap

I've totally been slacking.  All my posts are late, well better late then never.  The typhoon kinda got me off track.

We spent 4th of July like we always do on Oki, with our annual Ikei beach bbq with our Oki fam.    We go to Ikei beach and spend the whole day BBQing and beaching it.  Its a fun traditon because all the families get together and bring a ton of food and drinks!  All the kids were having a blast going back and fourth playing in the sand and the water. This year was especially fun because Nolan is a lil older so we could play in the water a lot more.  We had a blast making sand castles and splashing in the water.  We got to the beach at 10 and left at 6!  It was a long full day.  I was super surprised because the kids didn't even stop for a nap!  They were determined to have lots of fun and soak up the sun.  The ONLY downside is that there are no fireworks at the beach.  Since we live in Japan, they obviously don't celebrate the 4th of July.   On base they do have fire works, BUT its the only firework show on island so as you can imagine its packed.  By the time we got home, the kids were already so exhausted that we just shower them and put them in bed.  We didn't dare venture out after that long day.  Till we meet again Ikei beach!

Ikei Beach

Playing with his daddy
Floaty fun
Family shot
Oki Fam
{This isn't even everyone who came, this was everyone who lasted till 6pm}


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