Friday, July 11, 2014

Typhoon Talk

First typhoon of the season hit Okinawa on July 8th.  It definitely came in with a bang!!!   We've been here for a few years now and we've learned that typhoons aren't really that bad.  Its a lot of wind and a lot of rain.  We normally just hang out inside, watch movies, and cook up a bunch of food.   Its pretty standard, don't want to be outside in all the mess.  Plus you would probably get blown away.  We really just have family time and its nice to hang out together.

During typhoon season we like to keep stuff on hand, just in case one hits.   Usually we get a couple days notice before one hits and they can come back to back.   Being prepared at all times is key.  For our "typhoon kit"  we keep water , batteries, flashlights, canned food, and candles.    Plus the grocery store gets nuts before one hits, since most people are stocking up for the typhoon.  When I hear about a typhoon hitting I usually only have to grab a few things at the store, just a hit and run.

Typhoon Neoguri was originally forecast as a category 5 super typhoon. BTW category 5 is the highest category! I usually don't freak out, but when I saw that locals were freaking, I knew I should be worried.  So I bought  extra just in case.  The typhoon was expected to hit late afternoon on Tuesday July 8th.  Winds already started picking up on Monday morning July 7th.  I wanted to take the kids out to play at a park, but Nolan got sick and we had to spend Monday hanging at the hospital.  By the time the kids and I got home, Morgan got home, so we had to prepare.  Morgan was outside tying things down and putting stuff away.  I was inside getting all the typhoon gear out so we wouldn't have to search for it.  I was also doing laundry.  haha During typhoons there is a lot of downtime so folding laundry is a perfect activity.

The typhoon came Tuesday.  Luckily it hit Okinawa as a cat 3 and not a cat 5.  There was lots of wind and rain.  I always get a lil nervous.... the winds were just so crazy.  But the houses and building on Oki are built to withstand typhoons, still nerve wracking tho.  People on Facebook were posting pics , it looked pretty bad out.  We just hunkered down, ate, and watched movies.  We did loose power for a few hours.  That was lame because that means no ac and it was getting humid.  We were lucky to only loose it for a few hours, I've had friends that lost it for a full 12 hours.  In our neck of the woods the typhoon was pretty uneventful.  It did hang out on the coast a lil longer then expected and did bring a down pour of rain, thunder, and lighting.  I believe the estimate rain fall was 34 inches.   There was flooding all around town.  After all is said and done, there was lots of damage all over the island.  Unfortunately I did hear of 2 deaths. For us, we were fortunate to not have any damages from the storm.  Wednesday after we got the all clear , Morgan was out cleaning up all the debris and untying the outdoor stuff.  Once the power came back on {Wed. afternoon} I started clean up inside.
Nolan playing with his Hot Wheels

Amelia watching on her Ipad

Hanging in bed watching Netflix

Made some Turon

Made some spicy kimchee soup

Hopefully that was the worst one of the season.  There is even another typhoon forming, hopefully it doesn't pass us or it dissipates.   Typhoon season is here and we're ready.

Pictures of damages throughout the island//
{Not my photo}
Car flipped over on base

{Not my photo}
Car crushed by fallen tree

{Not my photo}
Restaurant in Naha 
{Not my photo}

{Not my photo}


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