Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday's Best

This year, I really wanted to grow spiritually.  I've struggled with my faith for awhile now and every year it weighs more on my heart.  So that's why I've made it a point to focus on my religion this year.  M and I have struggled  with it too.  I grew up catholic, he bounced around a few churches and religions.  We couldn't really find a happy medium.  Well, I wasn't really willing to budge.  {I know such a B} I was scared, Catholicism was all I knew, for a long time I thought he would convert.  Change is very hard on me, especially when I was younger.  We got married in a Catholic church and baptized both of our kids in the Catholic church, because that's all I was a safe bet.  But here was always a part of me that felt like it wasn't the right fit for our family.  I know how the church can be and how intimidating it can be , M was always such a good sport and very supportive.   I knew I wanted something different for our family, to be comfortable in a church and to have religion in our household. 

For the first time in a long time, I agreed to go to a church that wasn't catholic.  This was a BIG {huge, gigantic,ginormous}  Truth be told, I was always so scared.  The catholic church is so intimidating, I thought that's how most churches were going to be like.  So I asked a friend {who grew up catholic too} about where she goes and she told me of this church that was so friendly and welcoming. 

The first Sunday of 2015 we went to Calvary Church.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  It was so different.  When we left, I felt like I understood what the pastor was talking about.  I understood the passage in the bible in a whole new way.  I was able to understand the passage and I could relate to it in my everyday life.  After the service we went out to eat and M and I were talking about the church.  We talked about how much we liked it there,   I was so happy to have found a place that fits our family. 

We've gone every Sunday since, and every time I'm more convinced that this church is great for us.  I'm definitely not knocking the catholic church, it was really great for me growing up.   I've learned a lot from it and its word.  It got me through a lot in my life.  It was great for my mom, dad, brother , sister and myself before I was married.  But once you get married and have a family sometimes what worked for you growing up with your family, doesn't always work the family you've made.  As of right now, its still very new for us.  Its still the same bible and the same teachings, just in a different way.    I feel so terrible about waiting so long to find a church for our family.  I guess, its better late then never.  I'm just so happy for myself and my family.  2015 you are so awesome so far!!!

Our Sunday routine now consist of church a lunch out.  Last Sunday we went to one of our favorite sushi spots!! Yuuuum


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