Monday, March 30, 2015

5 travel must haves

Passport Wallet//

This is soooo convenient!! I purchased mine from Marine Parents on Instagram, it's custom made and super cute! When we travel, I'm the one who takes care of the booking and reservations.  So when we travel I handle the passports and paper work.  Before I got this wallet, I would just get a folder and put the paper work and passports in there.  Since I used a folder I would need to bring a backpack or a large purse.  When I travel on a plane I try to bring the least stuff I can on the actual plane.  After I got this, I could put my passports, paper work, and boarding passes all in one small wallet.  The back of the wallet has a place for all my paper work and inside the wallet can fit up to 6 passports.  This easily fits into my purse, so I don't have to carry a backpack.  Makes my life a whole lot easier!  Having all my important docs and passports in one place makes checking in a breeze!

Power Bank//

This is a lifesaver!  I brought the smaller one we own, its an Anker, has 1 usb slot and is good for about 3 charges.  I bought my from Amazon, one of the smartest buys ever! When we travel, we travel with 2 ipads and 2 iphones.  Depending on how long the flight lasts, layovers, hours driving, this baby comes in handy and has saved me from meltdowns. haha  When traveling, outlets aren't always readily available.  Weather its to recharge my kids' ipads to keep them calm on the plane or to give my phone a lil more juice for an emergency call....a power bank is a must have.  They are great just to carry for every day use.  Now they are small and slim and can fit into most purses.  Just know that it has to be in your carry on luggage and cannot be packed in your check bag. :)


Duh!  When traveling you want to take pics of all your memories and sightseeing!  I use my Panasonic Lumix GF3, its user friendly, takes great pics and is light weight.  I alsobring 
my phone also, but I like to take better quality pics with my camera.  I use my phone pics for the quick uploads to FB and IG.


Hats are so in style right now.  I'm wearing a fedora, got it from a local store.  Adding a fedora to any outfit definitely styles it up!  When traveling, especially to sunny places, it serves two purposes....looking stylish and keeping the sun out of your eyes.  I love wearing a hat when getting on a plane, I don't have to worry about my hair getting all messed up , I don't spend any time on it when getting ready and I get static while on the plane and the hat helps me cover my mop up.  Then I have a hat for pool/beach time.  Such a light and helpful accessory!

Cross body bag//

Out of all the types of bags I own, this is the most convenient for me when I travel.  This one is from Forever 21.  I find that it stays out of my way for the most part and since I carry a medium size one I'm able to bring a decent amount of stuff.  I used to carry a big travel bag {ie LV neverfull} but then after I arrive at my destination, I'm stuck with a big bag that gets in my way and barely has anything in it.  I would then pack other purses to use while on vacation, but that meant more stuff in my luggage.  Now a days I try to pack as light as possible, and I pack things that are multipurpose.  So I use a cross body when I travel.  It stays out of the way, is stylish, and convenient!

Since we just got back from vacay, I thought I'd share my 5 must haves while traveling.  All 5 have been a HUGE help


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