Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's in My Bag {beach bag edition}

We are spending our long 4th of July weekend at the cabins at white beach this year.  We actually go to the beach annually for 4th of July with our Oki Fam.

Here are my essentials in our beach bag::

Bag// Thirty-one Large Utility Tote
I love using this bag because it's a great size for all the stuff we need.  It's water proof and easy to clean.

Towels// I always bring a bunch of towels to the beach.  Something always happens to one and one always ends up super sandy.  Extras are a MUST!!

Sunscreen// Another MUST when spending anytime in the sun. I like to use at least a SPF 50.  We always lather up while putting our suits on and I bring the bottles to reapply while we are at the beach.  For the 4th we usually spend the whole day at the beach and I reapply a couple times throughout the day.  Can't have too much sunscreen on, especially the little ones!

Water Bottles// I like using these water bottles because they keep the water cold for 8-12 hours.  We also bring a cooler of drinks but having the water bottle handy keeps us from using so many plastic water bottles and keeps the kids from constantly getting in the cooler. 

Aloe Gel// This stuff feels the best after long sun exposure.  When leaving he beach we usually rinse off all the salt water and lather the aloe gel on to cool our skin.  After we get home and take real showers I put this on again. It's very soothing and cooling.

Baby Powder// I actually saw this trick on YouTube taking off the sand with baby powder.  When at the beach sand gets everywhere!  No matter how many times you wash off it always finds its way back on you.   Baby powder works like a charm!  

Chapstick// I like to get Chapstick with spf in it to help protect our lips.  I apply this regularly because I hate chapped lips.

Camera// To capture memories, duh!

Snacks// You gotta bring snacks to the beach!  We usually BBQ at the beach and for the 4th we have a big BBQ potluck with our friends.  But the potluck will likely be at our cabins and not down at the sand.  So I like to pack a few snacks in my bag.


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