Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little light....1.3 million lights!

So its been awhile since I updated, so sorry.   We’ve been so busy with the holidays and such.  Anyway lets get on with it.  I was reading a local magazine and it suggested some things to see during the holidays while on the island.  There were a few things that I pondered over but one definitely toped the list as a must see.    The 1,3000,000 Lights Peace Illumination.   This was at the Itoma Tourist park right across the street from peace Prayer Memorial park (another park we plan on seeing).  We decided to take the trip with our friends.  The park is about an hour away and none of us have ever been.  Needless to say we got lost, with it being dark out and the Japanese street signs it was difficult.  Our hour trip actually took almost 2 hrs.  As we drove up we could see the light display and I got excited.  

I thought the lights were nice, I kind of was expecting more.  1,300,000 isn’t really that many lights.  I guess coming from the states where everyone has lights on their house and all the buildings downtown have lights, and even the zoos would partake in the holiday spirit.  It was pretty and I know the girls had fun.  It was a chilly night, luckily my friend brought an extra beanie for Amelia.  Poor thing was just getting over being sick.  The cold night air didn’t help her and in the end she caught a bad cold.  Anyway she ran all through the park.  She had and excellent time.  Morgan was walking with here through the hanging lights.  There was even a choo choo train that had lights on it.  I thought the train would have been running but it wasn’t.  All in all it was a fun time.  I know Amelia had fun, she knocked out as soon as she got into her chair in the car!


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