Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cape Zanpa for the day

Over the weekend we just needed to get out of the house, so we drove.  We went to take Amelia’s picture at a beach nearby for our Christmas cards this year.  After we got that taken care of we decided to explore and drive where the road takes us.  The road ended up taking us to Cape Zanpa.  I’m so glad it did!  It was sooo pretty.  As we walked down to the beach we saw surfers and paddle boarders.  The water was so clear and warm.  Amelia wanted to get in, she loves water.  I was sad we didn’t really dress appropriately for hanging out at the beach.  We did get a few good shots and Amelia got to play in the sand.  There are even resorts there.  We saw about three.  They were pretty impressive sizes and I could imagine how busy it gets during peak season.  Its definitely a  place we’ll go back to again, with the appropriate attire and a picnic  basket of food so we can hang out all day.

 On the way back we noticed a little Hawaiian restaurant on the side of the road.  There was a really small sign with an arrow.  I heard about this place before on another blog I read and wanted to check it out.  The place was cute.  The man (I’m guessing the owner) thought Amelia was so cute.  (well who doesn’t J) But Amelia kept her attention on their little dog, he roamed around the restaurant and Amelia’s eyes followed him the whole time.  The food was DELISCIOUS!  Morgan said it was the best idea I had all day!  We’ll have to come back to the place again, they had a pizza with shrimp, smoke salmon and cream cheese…that’s a must try!


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