Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He's making a list, checking it twice, gunna find out whose naughty or nice....

Christmas came and went.  I can’t believe this year went so fast!  This time we had a lot more fun with Amelia because she was older and kinda knew what was going on.  Morgan and I went a little crazy this year with the gifts.  I think we were trying to compensate for being away from our families and also because Amelia only has one friend. HAHA  We decided that we wanted to turn our extra room into Amelia’s play room.  One: because I would like the living room TV to play some adult shows and not be on Yo Gabba Gabba 24/7 and Two: to try and contain the mess to one room.  So we set up her new room with all her big toys, couch, and TV.
We opened our gifts Christmas morning.  Trust me it took a lot of discipline to not open them all earlier.  We were so excited to see Amelia’s face with her new gifts.  Well it as well worth the wait!  We started off slow, opening a few small gifts.  Then we took her to her new room and let her loose.  I think she was so overwhelmed.  She just kept going from toy to toy.  Then she saw her slide and I think that’s what took her over the edged! Amelia is one fearless little girl and she rushed that slide with no fear.  Well a little.  She needed a hand to hold the first couple times but after that she just kept going and going without our help.  I think that day she must have slid like 30 times!  She took a little break for breakfast but as soon as we were done with that she was right back in her play room on her slide.  It wasn’t until 1 pm she just fell out and I found her on her couch asleep.  It was the most tired I had ever seen her.  Then it was Morgan and my turn to sleep.  It was such an awesome Christmas!  Though we weren’t with friends and family we definitely had a great time and one of the most memorable Christmas times every.  Can’t wait till next year!


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