Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother’s day!  Got to celebrate my 3rd Mother’s day!! It would be great to have a day monthly, but I’ll take one yearly :P.  Being that I’m pretty far into the pregnancy I didn’t feel like doing much, just wanted to eat (of course) and hang with my fam.  Started the day off with breakfast made with love from my husband.  Basketball play-off games were on so we caught a couple of those.  I still can’t get used to watching sports so early in the morning.  Morgan and Mills gave me a gift, it was a handprint painting using both of their hands.  Soooo cute!  I love gifts that are handmade, and Morgan is really good with stuff like that.  I wish I could be better at it.  Mills kept wishing me Happy Mother’s day all day, it was really cute! When she gave me my gift she immediately reminded me to say Thank you!  She is a stickler for manners! Lol.  I really wanted to spend time with my fam and make sure Mills had a fun day, we decided to take her to the beach so she could ride her bike down the boardwalk.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, but it really wasn’t.  One it was hot and humid out, and being almost 9 months pregnant it’s not much fun to walk around when it’s hot out.  I was so miserable and I couldn’t keep up with Mills riding her bike, nor could I keep up with her at the playground.  I had to cut our trip early because I was not feeling well.  I felt so bad for Mills, she really wanted to ride her bike and play at the beach.  I offered for them to just drop me off at home, but Morgan wanted us to spend time together. So, we picked up some hot dogs to grill and went home, filled up Mills’ pool and hung out on the balcony.  Mills was splashing in her pool, Morgan was on the bbq, and I was sitting at the table eating chips and salsa.  It was a really nice afternoon!  That night we ended up going to one of my fave restaurants on the island for dinner.  All in all, I had a wonderful mother’s day I couldn’t have ask for a better family!
My gift from my Loves!


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