Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Rating: ****(out of 5)

Comments:   This Saturday was a miracle, both kids were alseep and we {Morgan and I} stayed up to watch a movie.  This is not recommend for small children.  Mills looked at the cover of the movie and thought it was "spooky".  So we waited for them to sleep to watch.  I thought it was good!! I'm not fond of Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman, Michelle Pfeiffer is a way better Cat Woman.  Aside from that I liked it!  Apparently there were some discrepancies with the actual comic {according to Morgan} but I never read the Batman comics so everything seemed legit to me.  Oh and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so adorbs!  They end is great and totally leaves it open for more!  I really love the Batmans' that Tim Burton directed but these new ones are very very good. 


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