Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Recap

Halloween was pretty calm this year.  Amelia didn't have school that day so we made sure to have some fun that day and night!

I dressed them in skeleton shirts for the day.  Amelia was really confused and fought me on wearing her shirt.  She really wanted to wear her costume all day.  It was raining that day and didn't want to risk her costume getting dirty.  {She has a thing about stains and if she sees one on her clothing she will immediately want to change}

For lunch I opted for a kid friendly place.  We went to one of our faves Blue Seal!  Their ice cream is the BEST!  They have a ton of flavors and lots of local /exotic flavors.  The food their is ok; they have hamburgers, hot dogs, and pasta. It's their ice cream that keeps us coming back.  I know the kids love it there so it was a good choice.

At night we decided to go trick or treating with our friends at the towers.  It was a rainy and windy night so it was best to stay indoors.  We only went to two towers, my kids are still young and can't go all night.  We met up with friends.  It was a good night and the kids got a decent amount of candy.  Nolan went to two houses before he started asking for stuff in his Halloween basket.  Haha Couldn't say no to him, he was such a cute monkey.


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