Monday, November 18, 2013

I got 9...


There is a FB status chain going around and I got 9.  So here goes 9 things you may not know about me....

1) When I'm really cold I start to gag!

2) When I was younger (like in high school) I was a big fan of the WWF/WWE! lol

3) At home it takes me forever to drink a cup of coffee, I microwave it at least 2 times

4) I've always wanted to go to cosmetology school

5) I REALLY love grocery shopping,  even more then shopping for clothes, purses, and shoes

6) I'm a list whore! I make lists for everything, makes me feel organized and more accomplished.

7) I play hopscotch with Amelia almost every morning during the week.

8) In high school I used to get kicked out of class a lot for talking too much.

9) I love writing.  Whenever I'm stressed or troubled I write.
 I use a pen and paper, something about handwriting feels more meaningful.


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