Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Christmas Cards!

Christmas cards are all signed, sealed, and delivered! Phew... This year I was really late to the game.  I generally like to get our cards out by the first week of December.  Since we booked our photo session mid November and it took our photographer 3 weeks to get us our pics, needless to say, but the stars were not aligned in our favor.  I like to send pictures of the kids since we live so far away and many of our family and friends don't get to see them grow up.  Its also a time honored favorite of the grandparents.  I always send them a few extra shots of the kids in their Christmas packages.  Well, here is our Christmas Card!  This year we did 2 designs and 1 picture.  I can't believe its about a week away!  I can't wait!!!!


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