Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Botanical Gardens anyone???

On Sunday , after the fight {boxing ppv} , my lil family headed to the Southeast Botanical Gardens.
When we first moved here it was closed.  I heard that it had been closed for about 6 or 7 years because it was buried in debt.  It recently opened back up in mid 2013.  Since the weather has been gorgeous these past few weeks I thought it would be a perfect time to go.  Not too hot, late afternoon, after naps, and most importantly no humidity.

Before going there I was worried about sun and bugs, so we stopped to buy some bug repellent and sun screen.  When we got there, the parking lot was almost empty.  I'm assuming the crowds came earlier in the day, it was nearly 4 when we parked.  It was 1500 yen for adults and since the kids were under 5 they were free.  There was also a tram ride we could add to our entrance fee but we skipped that since we had the stroller.

White Cows
There was this area in the middle of the water gardens that had about 10 bright white giant cow statues.  Of course, the kids ran directly to them and started climbing.  These cows actually get painted everyday.  At a certain time of the day anyone who is there can choose a cow to paint.  After painting is done and the pics are taken, the cows are painted white for the next batch of people.  Kinda cool.  Unfortunately, we were too late for this.  Seems like a fun and artistic thing to do with the family.

Feeding the Carp
One of the kids favorite things they got to do was feeding the fish.  It was 100 yen for a small ball of food.  The kids had a blast.  Nolan even tried eating it!  They laughed and squealed when the group of fish swam up to the dock.  It's the small things that get them excited.

Feeding the Monkeys & Cappybara
Another thing we were late for.  The last feeding is at 1600.  By the time we got there, they had just finished.  Amelia was pretty bummed about this, since I totally talked it up.  My bad.  But she got over it and had fun watching the monkeys and the cappybara in their cage.

The gardens were beautiful.  It was pretty serene since the sun was low and there weren't too many people.  We walked around as we pleased and the kids ran as they pleased.   The park is split in half, a water garden side and the regular gardens.  Both sides pretty big, the water side seemed bigger.  There were a few areas we couldn't get to since we had the stroller, stairs got in our way.    The water gardens were so cool.  The lily pads were huge.  They looked like a fairy tale or something.  The gardens inspired me to want to plant more flowers.  I would love to have a beautiful, colorful, lush garden.  Unfortunately I don't have a green thumb.  I'm sure we'll go again, especially since we missed most of the action.  They also do a night garden with lights all over, that would be fun.  Oh and I hear the buffet is delish, I'd rather go for the lunch at 1800 yen as opposed to the 3500 yen for dinner.  Till we meet again...


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