Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Date Night {Military Life Style}

Everyone says it, every book, every article, every talk show, radio show, blog, etc. etc......

Everyone says you gotta have date night!
Sooooo easy to say, way harder to get done!  

Morgan and I have been married for 12 years, the first 6 years were childless. Easy peasy, every night out is date night! Lol  The last 6 years with child we have lived away from family and 5 of the six have been overseas. So date nights have been few and far between!

Just last week Morgan and I went on a date!  It was even last minute!  Something that never happens!  Most of our date nights are planned like a month in advance!  Come to think of it, I don't even remember when we had a date before that?! It's not that we don't have time it's that we can't really find a babysitter.  

For instance if we were in our hometown we would have an abundance of babysitters! Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and family friends.  But when you live far from your family that just isn't the case.  Sure we have friends that have offered,  but I feel kinda bad.  All our friends over here are in the same boat, away from family and husband is in the military.  Our husbands work a lot, some are deployed, some are TDY, and some are on duty.  So when they get home lots of the time spent is family time, I feel bad dropping off my kids on THEIR family time.    Sure they assure me it's not big deal,  but I just don't want to be a burden.  Amelia is no problem, but Nolan he is younger and needs more watching plus diaper changing! Sooooo he needs some supervision lol

Option 2, hire a babysitter.  Sure we can do that but first and foremost I'm scared to death leaving my kids with a stranger.  I wouldn't even know where to start with hiring a complete stranger. Well, we could hire a babysitter a friend recommends and uses.  Let's go with that scenario because it's more likely to happen.  The going rate on island is about $5 an hour per kid,  we have 2 so that is $10.  $10 an hour for date night can really get to be a pricey date night.  For example, Morgan and I get a sitter for dinner and a movie, movie starting at 8pm.  We have the sitter come  at 6pm.  We go to dinner before, let's says that's $60. Movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink, $30.  Get home 11pm, 5 hours of babysitting $50. So all together that's $140 for just dinner and a movie! If we want to go have some drinks and catch a cab home that could easily add another $100 { I also think I may be low balling the numbers a tad lol} We only have 1 paycheck for a family of 4 and $240 for one night on a regular basis is out of the question!  $140 would work maybe monthly....but then I just think of what a fun family date $140 could buy us.....or just putting that in our savings!  Hahaha it always comes down to that! 

Now a days we mostly do day dates!  That has been working for us.  We pick a day both kids are in school and Morgan takes a day of leave. He surely can't take a day off weekly or even monthly!  We try to fit it in when we can.  He's taken off our anniversary and a day here and there.   We go out to eat and do something,  it's nice and it gets the job done! Couples time during the day not a bad deal, no babysitter fee {not if you don't count the school tuition} , and way less crowded since it's daytime and most people are at work!

I know someone out there could totally refute me all day!  Give me a million ways to go on a date.  Give me a million reasons why we should go on dates.  The fact of the matter is, it's hard with young kids, being away from family, and being a military family.  So for now,  I'm happy with our day dates.  I'm happy with whatever night dates get get.  We will make it a regular thing when the kids are older and we live closer to family!  I can't wait for sleepovers at their grandparents house! Hahaha 

{on our date}

{some food pics from our date}

We tried Kami Sushi on our date.  We have heard a lot about it.  We weren't big fans of it.  We are so used to eating sashimi and nigiri that all the rolls here kinda seem "overdressed".  We have become sushi snobs! Actually Morgan was always like that,  he just pulled me over to the dark side! Haha


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