Thursday, June 25, 2015

Malasada Doughnuts

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth! I've said it before and I'll say it again,  I would totally eat sweets 3 times a day for my meals.  Buuuuut diabetes runs in my family and I have to set and example for my kids.  Hahaha

The first time I had malasada doughnuts was while I was on vacation in Hawaii at Leonard's .  They were amazing!! After my first one I went back almost everyday after.  Unfortunately I haven't been back to Hawaii since 2004!  

Fast forward to 2013 when we moved to our new neighborhood {Yomitan},  I was driving down the main road and I saw a yellow signed that said malasada Doughnuts....I had to to try them!  They were as deliscious as I remember and right down the street!  When I first discovered them I went weekly!! It was bad.  My all time fave is the beni imo flavor.  Nolan and I love it! Amelia prefers the cinnamon sugar ones and Morgan usually eats whatever is left.  They have the core menu but they usually have specials with different flavors and toppings.  I love trying all the new ones, its a must when I go. Lol Now I've toned it down and get them maybe once every two months.  Its really hard since I drive by almost everyday!  

Go N on the 58
Turn Left onto the 6
It will be on your Left hand side, has yellow banners flying when open and almost directly across the street is a Hotto Motto

Yen only


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