Monday, July 9, 2012

Here's to the Red, White, and Blue!

Wow the 4th of July has came and went!  I swear this year is just flying by.  Soon enough it will be Christmas again! Let’s just focus on the present!  It’s a little different celebrating an American holiday in a foreign country.  Okinawa accommodates a lot of American customs and the people here are really into American things, but it’s no America.  As for the fireworks, the Air Force base that does the big firework show every year did their show on the 3rd?  I have no idea why.  We live right across the street from the base and we were able to watch the fireworks from the comforts of our front balcony.  Mills loved it, she shouted out each color of every firework!  Nono was asleep for the whole thing. 

For the actual 4th of July we got together with a group of friends and went to a local beach.  Well not too local, the beach was about an hour away.  It was gorgeous!  It was very very hot though!  Its not the best idea to bring a 2 and a half week old out when its scorching hot.  Surprisingly he was very good.  He stayed asleep the whole time.  I had to keep fanning him, but it wasn’t really a problem.  Morgan took care of Mills and I took care of Nono.  It was difficult to nurse him though.  I’m just not a fan of doing it in public, plus add it the heat , humidity, and sand!  We had a really good time, the food was delish and the water temp was perfect (not that I went in, being that I’m not bathing suit ready).  Either way what more could you ask for while celebrating the 4th?  Good food, good people, good times!  
Ikei Beach

Picture Perfect
They LOVE ice cream!

Nono with his 4th of July shirt

Celebrating America in Japan

 On a side note>>>

{Lately I've been so lazy to cook.  Luckily Morgan has been picking up my slack!  Love him!}

{Nursing really takes a lot out of me}

{I want to go shopping, but not till I get back to pre-Mills size !!!}


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