Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Hair Cut!

Ok, so it's not my first hair cut, but it is my lil girl's first hair cut!  To be honest, I was super duper scared about it.  I was afraid she would cry or not sit still and she would end up with a crooked hair line. I was afraid that she would throw a fit and not even get into the seat.  Man, was I worried for no good reason!  Mills was WONDERFUL when she got her hair cut.  She didn't cry, she sat still and she had a huge smile throughout the whole cut!  I didn't get a fancy cut for her or anything, I did just get her bangs trimmed and her hair cut to her shoulders.  I wanted to cut all the baby hair off and make it all even.  Morgan kept telling her that she was going to get a hair cut like Dora. haha I think that is what she liked about it.  Either way, she was amazing and I completely underestimated her!  It is a lil nerve wracking for any parent whose kid is going through their "first" anything.  More often then not, I'm sure most parents are worrying for no reason.  Now Mills asks to get her hair cut all the time!  Funny lil girl!

I was so focused on her getting her hair cut that I didn't even get a pic of the end result!  DUMB!  I have other pics of her with her stylish new do!
 I dont know why he always makes that face :p


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