Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies

Movie: 21 Jump Street

Rating: ****(out of 5)

Comments:   This movie was sooooo funny!  I love both of these guys.  I never watched the original 21 Jump Street, so I'm not sure how it relates or if it was similar.  Either way, I enjoyed it.  Definitely not a movie for the kiddies.  The story line isn't really anything deep, but it was a good comedy.  Really made me think of how things would be if I had to go back to high school. haha  I mean I had some good times in high school, but no way in hell I would go back.  Another thing, Jonah Hill was super skinny!  Good on him for getting healthy!  Both him and Channing Tatum (yummy) were hilarious to watch! 


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