Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bios on the Hill

Welp with our last year in Okinawa coming up I'm determined to see all this island has to offer before we leave.  Plus getting out of the house and breathing in some fresh air every once in awhile doesn't hurt.  Oki is small, but beautiful and has so much to do.  So this weekend Bios on the Hill was on the agenda.

I wasn't sure what this place was.  When we first got here back in 2010, I collected a bunch of pamphlets of things to do and this was one of them.

This place was SUPER pretty!  Only 20 min from our house.  This place is famous for their orchids and it smelled so nice!  Just walking in the entrance the aroma was intense. In a good way!  It was kind of like a really pretty park.  We paid to get in and paid for the boat ride.  Unfortunately the boat ride was in Japanese and we couldn't understand anything.  Mills had a good time and it put Nono to sleep so I was happy with it.  Then we played with the animals there.  There were goats and pigs.  You could actually feed the goats and walk them.  Mills had a great time feeding them.  We tried to talk them, but they were a lil too strong for her.  She was just happy to feed them carrots!  There was also an awesome playground with these huge swings.  Mills and her dad explored while Nono and I enjoyed a nice bench and he ate his afternoon lunch.  All in all a really pretty place.  We'll be back in the summer when the lilies are in bloom and we'll pack a lunch for a picnic!

On the boat tour

Water Buffalo

Ended the day with some ice cream!

On a side note>>>

{I'm in disbelief that it's already Thanksgiving next week!!!!!!!!}

{I need to make our Christmas cards ASAP}

{I need to buy the kid Christmas outfits}


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