Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Opps I did it again!

I'm the worst at updating this blog!  Things have just been so nuts lately!  October was the busiest moth and it got me all types of discombobulated! So here is my rundown of October!

My brother and sister came to visit us in Okinawa!!!!  They came for a week to chill!  The day after they arrived in Oki we got another typhoon.  I briefed them about typhoons, just stay inside, have an adult beverage (or 2), watch some movies, eat some junk food, watch the rain, listen to the wind, and it will all be over in a day.  Boy was I WRONG!  The typhoon that hit us was the strongest one this season, we even lost power a couple times and that never happens.  People all over the island hat lots of damage and went without power for days.  Luckily we just were a lil spooked and had some cabin fever, we were stuck in the house for 2 days.  I felt horrible that their vacay started off so terrible.  Well then we went to Okuma for a couple days. It was very pretty there, but it wasn't that hot and the water was really rough.  But we had a good time hanging and eating.  We showed them a few things on the island and then it was already time for them to go.  It was a short trip, but I'm thankful they got to come out and visit.  Visitors always stress me out, but I love having them over.

My sister and I at Okuma
My Brother and I at Okuma

Then mid-October Morgan went to Hawaii for a week.  It was just me and the kids.  We were kind of winding down from our recent visit and getting ready for out trip to Thailand!  It was a very very long week.

Late October we went to Thailand for a week!  It was the first time we all went on a vacay together!  It was our first official trip, it was the longest we ever took and the most exotic place.  WE HAD A BLAST!!!  We went to Phuket and Bangkok.  Lots of people seemed weary about us going to Thailand with Nono since he was only 4 months, but I always said that having kids wasn't going to slow us down, anyways he did AWESOME!  Maybe I just have great kids, but traveling doesn't worry me and we plan on taking many more trip!  I will write a better post of our trip to Thailand later.

at the Airport in Bangkok

Lastly when we got back from Thailand it was Halloween!  Amelia was Bat Girl (her request) and Nolan was Robin (we thought it would be cute).  Morgan got in the spirit too and wore a Batman shirt.  Unfortunately it  was rainy here, but we got with some friends and were able to trick or treat in the towers!

The clan
Trick or Treat

Batman & Robin

That's my October round up, hopefully I'll do better with the rest of the year. 

On a side note>>>

{Holiday season is in full swing, Thanksgiving is next week!  I haven't even gone to the grocery store yet!!!}

{We are already done Christmas shopping for the kids!  Got it done in October! Go US}

{I'm annoyed of all the people on FB posting their political views!}


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