Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

Well a milestone was hit, my last year of my 20s! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I know I may not look the part, but it doesn't make it any easier.  At the tender age of 29, I've been married for 9 years, have 2 kids, am a stay at home mom, and living in Japan. Life is good.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I couldn't wish for anything more.

I didn't really want to make a big fuss over my bday so I didn't ask for much just dinner with my family. We got tickets to go to the Circus this weekend, Morgan was working so we have to wait for the weekend. I also want a new camera but I'm still debating on which to get.  So many cameras so much research to be done!  I'm really leaning towards the Nikon J1, but I think I'm just getting trigger shy. Anyways, most of the day was spent at home with my kids.  Then I got a message on my phone from FB, well I got tons of messages but 1 was really a step above all.
This post is by my husband

Oh my gosh is he not the cutest ever!  I was getting all watery eyed!  He really is just too cute!  He always wants to celebrate my bday with something big, but after Christmas and New Years I'm always worn out by the time my bday rolls around.  Maybe next year!  That night we went to the best Brazilian BBQ in Okinawa!  We ate till we were full and ate some more!  I had such a food coma that by the time we got home and I got my cake I only ate 1 piece!  I love cake and I never just eat one piece. Haha All in all it was a great Birthday.  On to the next one!

I love the ? candle!


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