Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Fun Day...

Sunday Fun day.  I always love these days.  Spending time with the fam is always a good time.  The weather here has been touch and go for the past couple weeks.  One minute it’s rainy and cloudy and the next it’s sunny and warm.  Luckily for us, on Sunday it was a lil of both and we were able to get out and enjoy ourselves. 
We went to a park on base.  We took Mills’ soccer goal, soccer ball, kite, and bike.  I wasn’t sure what she wanted to play with, so we brought a variety.  She is such a funny girl; she played with all of them.  We were there for awhile so she had plenty of time to play with it all a couple of times.    I also took my new camera with us!  I ended up getting a Panasonic GF3!  I love it.  I’m still reading up about it in the manual and trying to figure it out.  There is so much info and stuff you can do with this thing it’s a little overwhelming.  But I was able to get lots of good shots of us!  Its crazy the difference between my old camera and my new!  Can’t wait to be fully versed in all its functions!  Haha I doubt that will ever happen.


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