Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well the time has come...

We did it, we've been here almost 2 and a half years!  Now its that time to pick orders again.

Every time we've moved to a new place, as soon as we get there the countdown begins.  We are already contemplating where we want to go next and what our back up plans are.  We have to re-evaluate our plans about every 3 years. My husband is in the Navy and joined the Navy out of San Diego.  Ever since he joined we have been trying to get back to Southern California and unfortunately have been unsuccessful.  For San Diego being a large military town, its crazy how we haven't been able to get back.  We just set our sights on Southern California , something driving distance to SD.   We've been to Illinois, Virginia, Washington state, and our latest tour has brought us to Okinawa Japan.

Moving to Okinawa was really scary.  I've never lived overseas and been so far away from my family.  The military community is small so I've heard stories from our other friends, both bad and good.  One thing that was consist was "you are either going to love it or hate it".  So weird, so black and white.  To be honest I'm in the middle.  I don't love it or hate it.  I'm content here, and there are definitely days that I love it here and hate it here, but for the most part its a good place to be.  But true to form, as soon as we got here, actually as soon as Morgan got his orders I was thinking of where we were going to next.  Time has really flown and we have built our little family life out here and for now Okinawa is home.  I'm really thankful to have been able to get orders here.  The island is beautiful and its a great place for families.

It is that time again where we have to figure out where to go.   We've bounced around a couple ideas.  Morgan was even considering some different schools.  We thought about going back to the states, staying overseas, maybe going to Hawaii or Guam, and even staying here again.  We couldn't really commit to anything yet, so we decided on doing a 1 year extension. It's funny how this time comes up every few years and it still catches us off guard!  The 1 year extension will give us a lil more time to figure things out.  I know all our family wants us to get back to the states.  I too miss the states, but we will do whatever is best for our family and Morgan's career. We make sacrifices living overseas, but the experience has really paid us back ten fold!  We should know by the end of this month if he cant extend here.  Hopefully it works out.  Then in less then a year once again we'll have to figure out where to go next. Ohh the joys of military life. 


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