Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tipsy Painting Girls Night In

My dear friend Melliza turned 28 and for her birthday she wanted to have a tipsy painting party. Im the only one who has been to a party like this , Lol so I took it upon myself to make this party happen.   There are people and companies that do party set ups for these kind of parties,  but with the short notice and cost I thought I could do it myself. 

This was my set up!  Got everyone a canvas, brush set, and an apron.  I had Melliza to choose a painting, she choose a sunset reminiscent of an Okinawan sunset.  Something we can all have as a keepsake.  Almost all the items were found at Daiso!  Daiso even carried paint,  but I wasn't too sure how the quality would be so I ended up ordering from Amazon.  I got a couple packs of the Basics paint in the primary colors.  It was more then enough.  

We definitely had a good time!  It was a nice change from just going out for dinner and drinks!  I've never seen any of my friends' artistic sides so it was fun.  Some of us were more artistically inclined then others.  All in all it was lots of fun and memories for a lifetime.  I'm so glad that I took on this party.  Melliza was so happy and I know she enjoyed her birthday.  It was super simple and didn't break the bank!  I may even use the idea when Amelia's birthday rolls around!

My finished product.  I'm definitely not going to quit my day job! Lol


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