Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ashes to Ashes....

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I have to admit I haven’t been the best Catholic, I don’t really know if I’m a “good” one.  Being a catholic has been a roller coaster for me.  It has really been a struggle.   There have been many times where I questioned my faith.  To be honest I don’t totally agree with all the practices and view points of the church, but it's all I know. For some background. I grew up in a Catholic house, the only thing my mom was strict about was going to church every Sunday.  To this day, she asks me if I went to church on Sunday.  Growing up I was baptized, went to CCD, and Confirmation.  Morgan and I got married in a Catholic church and we went to the Catholic Couples’ Retreat.   We had Amelia baptized in the same church we got married, by the same priest.  On the occasion that I do make it to church she comes with me. 
Morgan doesn't go to church with us.  Morgan is not catholic and wasn’t raised catholic.  I used to really put the pressure on him to go with me.  I was thinking some religion was better then no religion.  Only in recent years have I let up on him and realized that I should let him be.  I really appreciate how much he has done for me and my religion.  I was asking a lot before, and I couldnt' be more grateful to him.  For awhile we were thinking of trying out other religions.  We just haven’t got around to it. 
  Anyways with the Lent season upon us, it got me thinking.  What do I want to give up for Lent and what will help me grow spiritually??  I want to give religion another chance and make more of a commitment, what better way to start then with Lent.  So I’m fasting on soda, fast food, one day a week of TV to read Bible stories with Mills.  I also plan on going to church every Sunday and also on days of obligation.  Not too far reaching.  I think all these are attainable.  We will see, I am hoping to stay committed and hoping for some spiritual enlightenment. 
Got our ashes


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