Friday, February 17, 2012

Well Hello There Friday..... We Meet Again!

Friday is definitely a good day, it’s the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend, what’s not to love?  Friday was always a love of mine and became even better when a girlfriend and I decided to spend Friday nights together with our girls (we both have girls that are only 2 months apart). 
It all started with my husband’s love for basketball.  As long as I’ve known him he’s played ball recreationally.  Since moving to Okinawa he got more serious about his passion and joined a league.  His team practices 2 times a week and when the league starts he has games every Saturday.  Well when we first got here, let’s just say that Friday nights weren’t the best.  Generally after work he would come home for about an hour and head off to practice for 2-3 hours.  I would be stuck at home because I didn’t really have any friends.  I think Morgan began to notice the toll it was taking on me,  I was lonely and in need of adult conversation.  So he got together with his teammate who has a wife around my age and a daughter around Mills’ (Mills is Amelia’s nickname) age, they got us together and the rest is history.
One of the first times we had the Basco's over for our Friday night get togethers
Every Friday ever since November 2010 we have spent together.  We trade off houses every other week and host.  The hostess would prepare dinner and the guest would generally bring adult beverages.  (Hostess and Guest sound so fancy).  It’s always a good time!  We sip on our dranks and chit-chat, the girls get to play, our husbands get to practice and everyone is happy.  Since we are pregnant (Yes, her and I are both pregnant her more recently) we have cut out the adult beverages and added in desserts! It’s a time that I look forward to every week.  It is so comforting to be able to talk to someone who is riding the same rollercoaster.  She is a Navy wife, has a toddler daughter, and moved to Okinawa around the same time.  Through the dinners we have become great friends, well more like family.  We’ve vacationed together, spent holidays together, celebrated birthday; being in the military your good friends become your family.  The military really is a tight knit community, even more so being overseas.  I’ve never really been too involved, she is actually my first military wife friend.  I just realized that.  Wow, after all these years Morgan has been in the Navy.  Anyways, all in all, it’s a good time!  Good food, good drinks, and good times. 
A pic of the girls now :)

On a side note>>>
{I’m 23 weeks prego and feeling big! I really need to start getting stuff ready for baby.  Morgan and I still trying to narrow down boy names.}
{I made a Filipino dish my mom makes, and it was pretty good!  I was pretty proud of myself.  Made me really miss my mommy.}
{Wondering if I should take maternity photos???? I never took any with Amelia and this might be my last pregnancy.  I need to figure that out, soon!}


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