Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

For our Sunday Fun Day this weekend, we took a trip down to the southern part of Okinawa with the B fam and went to Thai in the Sky.  It’s a Thai restaurant.  I’m not really one for Thai food, but 1) I’m pregnant and hungry 2) I heard this place was to die for.  I don’t eat spicy foods either, regardless of Thai food being known for their spiciness. I stay away with no chili and I’m just fine.  I this place was a bit of a trek, it was well worth the trip and we will be coming back again. 
We got there, the place was packed.  We were told a 30 min wait.  Since we drove like 45 min to an hour to get there, we waited.  The wait wasn’t even as long as expected, it was really about 15 min.  The restaurant takes reservations, which most people had that came in, maybe next time we’ll do that before we leave so we can be seated right away.  The place was very English friendly, ( a lot of the places in OKI have a separate menu for English and usually it doesn’t have all the items they offer) everything was translated with pictures.
 As soon as we ordered, our food came out immediately.  I don’t know how they did it???  The B family ordered about 5 things and we ordered about 5 things, literally within minutes food started coming out.  I was expecting to wait and I was already starving.  So I was definitely happy with our quick service.  The food was so delish.  I couldn’t help but pick at everything, except for the curry the guys got I was afraid it might have been spicy for me.  Everything else was fair game.  The plates of our dishes took up almost our whole table.  We ate till our hearts content and then some.  After our feast Mills and I even shared some dessert. Nowadays I get dessert everywhere, I have quite the sweet-tooth.

After we came up for air and rested for a lil bit, we paid for our food and enjoyed the scenery.  The restaurant looked right over the water.  There were benches, chairs, and swings placed all over the back for everyone to admire the view.  It was really pretty.  The Dads took the girls exploring while me and the other prego (Len) hung around.  We weren’t up for all the exploring.  We could hear the girls laughing and having a good time. They were all probably walking off all the food they just consumed.  We took some pics of the girls playing and pics of the view.  That day was totally a fun day, especially for our tummies’!

On a side note>>>

{I have a doc app this Thursday, going to check up on how the baby is doing.}

{Played the baby Bob Marley, he kicked a lot!  Don't know if that means he likes Bob or not.} 

{Found an aweseome farmer's market this weekend.  Wish I knew about it sooner.}

{It's Fat Tuesday, don't know what to give up for lent??}


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