Saturday, February 25, 2012

This morning started off on a crazy note.  I woke up to fire truck sirens, a loud voice speaking Japanese on an PA system, and Amelia jumping on our bed looking out the window.  THANK GOD it was not our building!  It was the first thing I thought of when I heard all the commotion.  Because neither me or Morgan speak Japanese I didn’t know what they were saying.   Being half asleep I jump out and look out the window with Amelia, I of course could not see anything because I didn’t have my contacts or glasses on. (Ugh I wish I could get Lasik).  I grabbed my glasses and saw what all the crazyness was about, it was the house right across the street.  Amelia was yelling “fire trucks”, she loves fire trucks.  She was also yelling  “fire works” because of the fire.  It was crazy to see all the people out in the pjs watching this house on fire.  I admit, I watched for a few minutes, but I wasn’t posted up.  Either way it was really sad to watch and it was a scary way to wake up.  I’m hoping all their family and pets got out safe and sound.  Later in the afternoon I checked on the house, it seems like the fire was contained and I heard that no one was hurt.  As for the rest of my day, it was pretty mellow, just running errands and doing laundry.   


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