Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day in the Life of a Working Mommy...

Going back to work has been a bit of an adjustment.  I enjoy getting out of the house, adult conversation, and mental stimulation.  I miss waking up when it’s not dark out, teaching my daughter things, and mother daughter bonding.  I know that the life of a mommy is give and take, weather I stay at home or I’m off to work.
5:15 am I am up with the darkness.   Well I actually set my alarm for 5:05 am, but I hit the snooze button once before really getting up.   If I wasn’t pregnant I would usually start some coffee, but since I am no caffeine for me.  I generally take awhile to get ready, I’m sort of slow and I don’t like to be rushed, so I wake up at an ungodly hour. During this time, I’m getting myself ready and picking out Amelia’s clothes and ironing our outfits for the day.
6:15 am I start my attempts at waking Amelia up.  She is not a morning person, she definitely gets that from me.  I don’t like to jar her so early in the morning so I just keep walking in her room and calling her, until 6:30 am when I actually get her out of bed and sit her on her potty.

By 6:50 am we are out of the door, dressed and ready for the day.  My husband and I usually take turns taking her to daycare, but I take her on most days since he works farther and has to come in earlier.

She tried to go to school with all that!

7:30 am work starts.  Almost always my boss is late so in the morning I take my time, read the news, read my emails, and eat breakfast.
My job is pretty much the same thing everyday.  I’m an office manager at a gym, not too much going on here.  My day consists of; filling, setting up schedules, answering phones, editing my bosses work, making spreadsheets, setting up meetings, taking notes, etc…
12 pm is my lunch hour.  I don’t like to run errands after work so I try to do all my errands during my lunch. Since I’ve become pregnant I’ve actually slowed down and spent many lunch hours taking a nap in the back of my car.  I’m just so tired these days.  Hey, I’m going to get sleep when I can.

More work after lunch….
4:30 pm is quitting time for me.  On my way home I pick up Amelia everyday.  I like to talk to her teacher and see how her day went and if she had any notable mentions.  As soon as we get home I set Amelia up with something to play with, some coloring material, or a dvd. 
5:15 pm I start dinner.  That is also around the time Morgan gets home. He always plays with her as soon as he gets home. 

6pm is dinner time. After dinner dishes are done.  Every other day I clean the floors.

Pregnancy Craving for Nachos!
7pm is bath time.  Amelia loves bath time.  She just loves her bubbles.  During this time either I am cleaning up or my husband, whoever is not giving Amelia a bath.  After her bath, she has play time.
8:30 pm it’s night night time.

9pm is me and hubby time.  We usually spend this time watching TV, talking, catching up on some reading in bed.  Just some chill time to end the day.
10pm Bed time zzZZZzz


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