Monday, February 27, 2012

To Let Her Use the IPad or Not to Let Her Use the IPad....That is the Question???

So I’ve seen it all over parents letting their toddlers use their IPads.  I’ve even heard of some parents specifically buying their children IPads. CRAZY!  Now I have to admit I am the owner of an IPad2.  I am also the owner of a 2 year old.  From time to time they meet, well more often then I’d like them to. 
It all started when we moved to Japan in Sept 2010.  At the time Mills had just turned 1, she was walking and she was very curious.  I was really worried about how she was going to do on the plane ride to Japan.  I really didn’t want to be one of those parents that had a crying kid on a 15 hour flight.  I understood that maybe she would cry from time to time, but I wanted a way that I could ease her and keep her mind off being in a plane.  So I bought an IPod touch.  Well, my plan was to load some stuff on their for Mills to occupy her during the plane ride then when we got to Japan use it as my own.  Plan back fired.  Not the she didn’t like it…. she LOVED it.  She was a pleasure during the whole plane ride.  She was playing games and watched her fave shows.  It being an IPod I didn’t really think it was a big deal, I let her use it a lot.  I used it from time to time, mostly when she was asleep I would sneak it away.  She referred to it as her own and became quite sufficient at using it. 
With my IPod confiscated by my toddler I decided I should upgrade anyways.  So in 2011 when the IPad2 came out, I got one!  It was definitely an upgrade from the Ipod.  I didn’t even miss that thing after I got the IPa2.  Then Mills got her lil fingers on it.  Once again, she LOVED it.  This time I thought I could share it with her, she would mainly use her IPod and from time to time she could BORROW my IPad.  I loaded a few shows and games for her.  I realized how awesome she was at using it and how she was even learning things; like tracing, puzzles, and words.  I started trusting her more and more with it, she did so well with the Ipod.  Then it happened, she cracked the screen!!!!!!!!!!  She was watching something on the IPad and she had her lil headphones on and then she took off her headphones and started banging them on the screen.  I saw what was going on and grabbed her hand, it was too late.  My IPad looked like it had a spider web across it.  I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know who to be upset with!  Ultimately I was upset with myself.  She is a TODDLER and she doesn’t know what she is doing.  She didn’t realize she would break it.  I just sat there staring at it.  Mills could tell I was upset, she even said “sorry, I didn’t mean to”.  AWWWWW. I couldn’t be mad at her, I was mad at myself.  Luckily I had a friend who has a brother that fixes Apple stuff.  So I sent him my IPad and he was about to fix it, for a fraction of the cost that Apple was wanting to charge. 
 got the IPad back and knew this time I was going to be more careful with it and if Amelia was going to use it, then I was going to watch her.  I even bought this crazy protective case for it this time.  I wasn’t taking any chances.  Well, sure enough a month later, she stepped on the screen and cracked it. OMFG.  Why?  Why? Not my Ipad…again.  This time it was not fixable.  Once again I was upset with myself.  I should have been more careful.
So I’m on my 2nd Ipad2 now.  I am REALLY careful.  I rarely let her use it and if she does its under strict supervision.  When she refers to it as her own, I take it away from her for a couple days.  At this point she rarely uses.  I’ve spent waaaaaaaaaaay to much money and I’ve been sad about it too much.  I’m hoping this time will be different. J

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