Sunday, March 18, 2012

27 Weeks Update

ME at work 27 weeks

27 weeks and counting!  As the days go by I just can’t wait to stop working.  I find myself feeling guilty for working.  I know that when the baby is born that most of my attention will go to caring for the lil guy, but where does that leave Mills?  I’m pretty firm in that I will not go back to work, the question is  when to quit?  Morgan is fine with me stopping anytime, I want to stop with enough time to rest, get the baby stuff ready, and spend some qt with Mills.  It’s been us 3 for quite some time and I know that having this new baby is going to be a huge change in our family and for her specifically.  Lately I’ve been really stressed out.  Work, Mills being sick, then Morgan being sick, Morgan working longer hours, Morgan about to leave, getting stuff for the baby ready…..I feel like I have so much on my shoulders. Also I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m bound to be tired and stressed.  Sometimes I wonder why I keep up with this, I mean I could quit whenever…I just keep showing up to work without my resignation.  I do like the extra money, I do like the adult conversation, and I do like getting out of the house.  Can I just get paid for staying at home?  That would be glorious!  Maybe May will be my last month???  Leaving a couple weeks to rest, spend time with my Mills, and get ready for the baby.   Since this lil guy will be a scheduled C-section I’ll have a date to go by, unless he wants to surprise us early.  As for the regular update stuff, still not sleeping well.  So far I’ve gained 24 lbs, yikes this baby is going to come out bigger than me!  


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