Monday, March 26, 2012

28 Week Update!

Big Mama!

It’s coming down to the wire!  Only a few short months to go and we’ll meet this lil guy!  It was my last appointment with my midwife.  She is so sweet, I’m going to miss her.  But I do need to meet and get to know my MD for my operation.  At my next appointment @32 weeks (weird I thought I would start to go to apps bi-weekly, but they don’t do that here) I’ll be able to schedule the delivery.  I can’t wait!  Hopefully he stays put while Morgan is gone.  That’s a big worry, that he wont be there if I go into labor early.  Anyways, the doc is happy with the weight I’ve gained.  She did measure my bump and its measuring at 32cm, but I’m only 28 weeks.  You are supposed to measure the same cm as you are weeks, which is how I did with Mills.  She told me not to worry and that with my lab work it might give us more info.  With that being said I took the glucose test….of course it was gross.  I had the orange flavor.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have gestational diabetes.  I’m kind of worried though with all my sweet cravings.  I should be better about what I eat, but I can’t help it…..I love sweets.  I have cut down a lot.  I will try a put a better effort in cutting down the sweets.  Welp all in all I’m doing well, growing and growing, the baby’s heartbeat was normal, and now I’m just waiting for my test results.  Waiting and waiting, pregnancy should be dubbed as the waiting game!


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