Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Have a Baby Registry or Not to Have a Baby Registry????

With the impending baby on the way and lack of options for baby stuff here, we decided to make a registry.  Now I hear it’s cliché to register and have a baby shower with your second kid.  I went back and forth about it for awhile.  So with our situation, yes it’s baby number 2, but we are having a boy and as for baby stuff we don’t have jack shiz.  Morgan’s younger sister was pregnant with a baby girl around the time we were moving to Japan so we decided to give her our baby stuff, we were told that there was a lack of storage in housing here and we didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of baby stuff when we didn’t need it.   Leaving us with just a crib and a pack and play, those are the only things we took with.  We gotta start from scratch, which is fine and we’ll take full financial responsibility for the baby needs. I really just started the registry to get the 10% off and a way to plan what we are getting for the baby.   Then I started getting asked by friends and family about our baby registry and I even have a friend who wants to throw us a baby shower.  I now have 2 up and running registries regardless of what Emily Post says.  I feel that if friends and family want to give us gifts for the baby at least they will know what we want and where to ship.   


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