Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Week Update

30 weeks on Easter!
  I'm so close yet so far away! *sigh*  Things have definitely been tougher on me, since Morgan is gone.  I really hand it to single moms and military spouses, doing stuff on your own is not a walk in the park.  I feel terrible, the everyday things that Morgan did for me I totally took for granted...never again!  I'm only sad it took him leaving to make me realize.  I will let him know how big a help he is to me and to Mills.  Anyways back to the pregnancy.  I've been having lots of contractions.  I generally have them towards the end of the day.  They aren't painful.  I called the nurses' line at to OB clinic and the nurse assured me it was normal and to start counting how many I have in an hour.  If I have 12 in one hour I'm supposed to come right in.  I"m also supposed to be counting kicks, 10 an hour.   I haven't given it much thought because he moves a lot.  Now I'll pay more attention.  Everyone in my office is treating me like I'm about to pop at any moment.  They don't want me standing long, they don't want me walking much, they don't want to stress me's nice but I'm fine. I still am super tired, it's all the peeing in the middle of the night, I have a hard time falling back asleep after.  I downloaded The Hunger Games on my IPad, thinking some reading would help me fall asleep.  NOPE I totally got into the story!  Dang...that was a fail! I'm actually getting a day off this week courtesy of my boss for helping him out big on this recent deadline.  I really can't wait for it!  I am planning on chilling out, not completely...I have a few things to get done but I will for sure relax.  I'm dreaming of how my day will go.   I sure do need the time off, weekends just go by too quick.  I have a doc appointment in a couple weeks, they'll schedule me for my c-section then.  Can't wait.  All in all, everything is going pretty well.  Growing a baby takes it toll!


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