Friday, April 20, 2012

31 Weeks Update

31 weeks at this point.  Contractions still happening on and off, still not painful.  I haven’t weighed myself in awhile.  I’m afraid, I know I’m just gaining and gaining.  It’s a good thing.  Still trying to look cute, not many clothing options at this point.  The weather is becoming nice here so I’ve been wearing more dresses.  I don’t really like wearing dresses that much, but it’s comfy and I like comfy.  Sleep has pretty much eluded me these days.  Between the baby moving, going pee, Mills crawling into my bed…it’s hard for me to go back to sleep after I’m awaken.  This week I’m actually in a training class, I feel terrible because I keep having to use the restroom and I feel like I interrupt the whole class when I leave and come back.  I try to sneak out but it’s no use.   It’s been really nice because I’ve got several compliments on how great I look.  I totally don’t feel it, but it’s nice to hear.  Totally put a smile on my face.   I have a doc app next week.  I’ll be 8 MONTHS!  CRAZY.


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