Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

When I was pregnant with baby Mills and I found out that I was having a girl, I was ecstatic!  I dreamed about having a lil mini me.  We would get our nails done, I would do her hair all cute, we could obsess over pink together, and all the other lil girly things I can think of.  Fast forward to where we are today and instead of Mills being my mini me, she is definitely Morgan’s lil girl.  She loves being with him, she gets so excited when he comes home, she is even a lil rough around the edges like her dad.  Those two really are partners in crime.  I know it was love at first sight.  He was even the first person to change her diaper!  {On a side note: I was too scared to do it, fearing I would break her}.  She has always favored her dad over me, she said Dada before Mama, {I chalked that up to her having a hard time sounding out the M}.  It is a very cute relationship though, it’s funny how interested she is about the things he does, or even how much more she listens to him over me.  Oh and at her daycare they told me whenever he drops her off she cries, but when I drop her off she doesn’t cry and there are many days where she asks about where her Daddy is with no mention of her Mommy.
But there has been a lil bit of a wrench thrown into the mix.  Lately she has been all over me.  Usually she is all over her dad, but now it’s always me that she wants.  It’s been a nice change, she always wants to sit by me, to cuddle with me, to hold my hand, for me to take care of her and about everything else under the sun.  Maybe things have changed, she can be my mini me after all.  Maybe kids change with age?   I was talking with her teacher about it one day and her teacher quickly informed me that it was “just because I was pregnant”.  She said that it is common for kids to latch on to the mother while pregnant. So now I don’t know where I am.  Is she just hanging around me cuz I’m with child or have I really become her new fave?  I guess time will tell and we will really find out after this lil guy is born.  Can’t I just have both of them?  One mini me and one mama’s boy?  I think I’m being too selfish there.  But in the mean time I’ll enjoy my lil girl while she “latches” on to me J


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