Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Weekend

This weekend was quite eventful.  I made it to 30 weeks and it was Easter on Sunday.  We had a lot of stuff to do this weekend.  On Friday, Mills and I just chilled at home.  I was tired because on Thursday night I couldn’t sleep, she was tired because there were a lot of activities at school that day.  We basically came home, I got dinner ready, we ate dinner, I gave her a bath, then we settled into bed, she was watching Barney on the Ipad and I was reading a book, we both fell asleep.  I’m sure it would have been a cute photo op, but no one there to take it. 

Saturday, I decided to get some doughnuts for breakfast.  We went to Dunkin Doughnuts, Mills requested the pink one!  How girly!  So I got us a half dozen mixed and of course her pink one.  Then I was able to stop by the photographer’s place and grab our pics.  I love them.  I don’t really love a black background…but these pics ended up nice.  It’s crazy because ever since Mills was born we have taken family pics…I haven’t got any of them developed!  I KNOW.  In the age where it’s easier then ever, I have nothing.  So I’m making it a point to get them developed and displayed.  The only sucky thing is that its hard here because it cost so much to get pics developed here.  I sure do miss Costco.   I checked, for an 8x10 its 480 Yen, that’s like $6 US dollars.  I know madness.  Anyways, back to our day.  We went to the hospital they were having an egg hunt for kids on Saturday.  I took Mills there.  I wanted to give her a taste of how it would be on Sunday.  This would be the first time she would have to really compete with other kids for eggs.  She did really WELL!  She even got an egg with a prize in it!  She proudly walked around for the rest of the day with 2 Easter Baskets.  That night after dinner we decorated eggs.  I hate things being messy.  I know I’m crazy cuz I have a 2 year old and soon to be newborn so messy will just be a way of life.  But I’m a little OCD about it.  We have a housekeeper that comes once a month to clean, like deep clean, and I pick up before they come!  Yup, crazy.  Either way, I knew that this was going to be a task for me, I knew it was going to be messy and I needed to be fine with it because Amelia was having a good time.  It took all of me not to freak out.  In the end it wasn’t too bad, Mills had a ball and the eggs turned out pretty cute.  Not too shabby after a 20 year hiatus from dying eggs.

Sunday was a wonderful day!  It was Easter Sunday.   Unfortunately this is the 2nd Easter in a row that Morgan has missed….sucks.  We tried to make the best out of it.  In the am I gave Mills her baskets, yes plural, she got one from her OR grandparents and one from us.  She was pretty stoked, but what really got her going was the bubbles that we gave her!  She was having a ball blowing and popping bubbles.  We went to the 10 am mass, we met up with the B fam.  After church there was an egg hunt, that was MADNESS!  There were like a billion kids running all over.  The egg hunt area was sectioned off by age, when the older kids eggs ran out they started jumping over the ropes and getting into the little kids area (Mills’ age group was 1-3) .  That was super annoying.  I took off my shoes and had to run while I dragged Mills to get eggs before the big kids could get them….all while being almost 8 months prego.  All in all Mills only ended up with 4 eggs.  It was sort of a blessing in disguise because she has gotten so much candy from her baskets and the egg hunt before.  After the hunt we went to brunch at the Officer’s club.  It was super busy, but what else would I expect on an Easter Sunday???  It was delish, we ate till out hearts’ content and some.   Mills was giving me a bit of trouble, I knew she was tired and in need of a nap.  Soon as we were done and I got her in the car, she fell asleep in 2.5 seconds….out cold.  When we got home I also partook in a nap with her.  I spent the rest of the day finishing up laundry and getting ready for the week ahead.    Weekends are of course my favorite part of the week.  This was our first weekend without Morgan.  I was glad that we were blessed with beautiful weather and we had activities to keep us occupied.  Mills still asks about her daddy, I figure the busier we keep ourselves time will go faster and he will be home sooner  rather than later. 



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