Saturday, January 11, 2014

24 days of clean eating

Welp, the time has come for me to actually go on a diet. Morgan and I have planned this since December, w're going on a 24 day cleanse.  I know what you are thinking.....why are they starting in the middle of the month and not on the 1st??  The reason we are stating this diet in the middle of the month is because my birthday and we planned a cookout for Morgan's junior sailors , taking up the first two weekends in January.  
So here we are on the verge of this diet/ cleanse.  To be honest I have never dieted or worked out.  I've been blessed with an incredibly fast metabolism .  After both kids I just breasted them and the weight literally melted off.  But I know I'm getting older and they way I eat is super unhealthy.  I want to change my lifestyle.  I keep reading about people changing their diets and they feel so much better and their health has improved dramatically.  Morgan was originally going to do this on his own, but I wanted to be supportive and do it with him.  What better time to change things then in January and after your birthday??
Our diet is about eating clean and portion control.  We are going to plan out weekly meals , hopefully that will increase our success.  A couple of my biggest challenges will be soda and wine. Haha sounds nuts?!  During this diet there will be no alcohol, no juice or soda, and only 1 cup black coffee a day.  Just typing that out freaks me out.  I just have to keep in mind that I want to be healthy.  I don't think I can abstaine from those for the rest of my life, but I do want to cut down.
To keep accountability and motivation, I'm going to write a diet journal here.  Maybe even post recipes and meal plans.  Hopefully that we keep me honest.  Wish me luck!


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