Friday, January 17, 2014

I Made it! {Day 5 Eating Clean}

Wahoo!  I've learned a lot these first 5 days.  I should have done more research before starting this journey.  I think after the first 5 days I have a better idea of what I want to eat.  I've made a trip to the grocery store almost everyday.  I'm going to be better at planning this week.  I've been Pinteresting my butt off looking for meal plans and recipes.  Hopefully these next couple weeks will breeze by.  I didn't take many pics today since most of thr food was the norm, but in did make a delish dinner!

Everything I ate today::

Breakfast | protein shake

Snack | 1/2 apple and almonds

Lunch | cilantro lime chicken over greens

Snack | oatmeal 

Dinner |  baked salmon over fried brown rice
 * so tasty I would eat this on the reg*


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